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  • Ashley Hutchens

Why do I need a CPA and a Bookkeeper?

The short answer: Most of the time, CPAs do not want to do bookkeeping.

Certified Public Accountants (CPA) specialty is Tax Law, Tax Implications, Tax Planning and Tax Filing. CPAs advise on tax strategies, and often take into consideration your entire financial portfolio, not just your small company book of business. They plan strategies for your financial picture and your life as a whole.

Professional Bookkeepers, on the other hand, help to make CPAs happy! As a professional bookkeeper, I can help guide you on expenses that are deductible, track income, track inventory and cost of goods, reconcile your bank, credit card and loan accounts, and suggest other helpful apps to run your business. As a professional bookkeeper, I keep track of all of the information that will be required when the CPA takes over at tax time. I make sure that the business has organized the important information so that the taxes can be done easily. I make it possible for the CPA to do their job more efficiently and quickly. I make sure your books are in order so that your tax preparer will love working with you.

Think of it like a doctor’s visit: You have a nurse who performs all the preliminary checks and questions, and records all your data for the doctor. All of those things are very important, but you would still want to see the specialized doctor to advise of your actual medical care and plan.

Working with a CPA and a Professional Bookkeeper will help to ensure that your business is trying to uphold the highest financial standards. How can I help you?

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