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About Us

We Work for People

A Conversation with
Open Horizons Founder,
Ashley Hutchens

Open Horizons is the breath of fresh air in my professional life. After over a decade of working in the corporate financial world, I felt the urge to shift my focus to helping small-business owners reach their dreams by offering to relieve their everyday bookkeeping headaches, and by giving them confidence in their business holdings. 

I truly love what I do! I love numbers and I love helping people understand those numbers! I am lucky to have found my passion early in life, and over my professional career have fine-tuned my skills and continue striving to learn more. 

On a personal level, I am an avid lover of the outdoors and traveling! I love to hike and love to visit new destinations by foot, taking it all in one step at a time. I need mountain tops and crashing beach waves, alike. I am precise and focused in my work life and a wanderlust in my personal life. 

We all have a free spirit component to our lives, and I cannot wait to hear what brings YOU joy! 

Hiking view


My career is 70% numbers, 30% relationship. My biggest focus is making the financial spectrum of your business easy to manage, comprehensive, and results-driven. The other side of that is the you side of things. I see my clients as what they are: Real people who want real results. I love getting to work with both numbers and the people who drive them.


I started in the financial industry over 20 years ago and have experienced and learned a lot along the way. I find joy in working with small businesses and love the challenge of managing financials of large corporations. There is no business too small or too large to need a professional, skilled bookkeeper that they can count on.


I am a firm believer that a company's success is wholly dependent on the accountability of its leader. I started Open Horizons with the intention of bringing clarity and skill to outsourced bookkeeping, and that intention hasn't changed since day one. You see my face on this website because I hold myself accountable for every project I work on, and every company I work with.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between corporate 
bookkeeping & relatability

Often when hiring an outsourced accounting firm, you're forced with a choice: Hire a stale, large corporation to manage your books and expect to often seek out the "Help Center" on their site, or work with a hometown company that may or may not bring the big-business knowledgebase to your financials. I am here to bring both. If you hire Open Horizons, expect to work with me on a first-name basis, but to see results expected of a large enterprise. 

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Certifications & Capabilities

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